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[Update: No need to wait for an email, you can go get your dongle now. Simply follow the instructions laid out here: ASUS]

When we told you ASUS would be providing its Transformer Prime customers with an add-on dongle to improve GPS, we had no idea they’d be turning it into the Hunchback of Transformer Prime. ASUS must be fans of Crocodile Dundee: “That’s not a dongle, that’s a dongle!” Okay, that’s enough analogies for now, you can see for yourself that this thing is quite the add-on. The good news is it improves GPS significantly, but then again, so would a GPS IIF satellite (okay, this time I’m done — for real).

Owners of ASUS’ Transformer Prime have most likely noticed the tablet’s poor GPS performance. ASUS has tried to remedy the situation by releasing a myriad of software updates, but the issue seems to really be around bad hardware design. According to an ASUS support employee, ASUS will soon be sending out a free GPS dongle to Transformer Prime owners. The dongle will connect via the proprietary charger port, to offer better GPS performance.

ClockWorkMod is the go-to tool for Android users who enjoy flashing different ROMs as well as performing a slew of other root functions directly from their phone. ClockWorkMod Touch adds touch support to the popular tool and has slowly been rolling out support to a variety of devices. Over the weekend, Koushik Dutta, the author of ClockworkMod recovery, released the first version of the software for tablets. ClockworkMod Touch is now available on the Asus Transformer and Transformer Prime. 

When ASUS first teased us about an “awesome” update coming to the Transformer Prime, we were giddy with excitement. Later their Italian brethren spilled the beans about the update and it wasn’t as “awesome” as some had hoped. Now, the update is rolling out and it doesn’t even include the features listed by ASUS Italy! We’re not sure if they plan on pushing out more than one update, but the one hitting ASUS owners now is anything but “awesome.”

Transformer Prime: Hasbro’s hip toy or an ASUS tablet? That’s the confusion toy maker Hasbro hoped to eliminate when it set out to bar sales of ASUS Transformer Prime in a lawsuit filed last year. Today however that seems to be settled, as PaidContent reports that the judge has come back with a ruling, saying that Asus is clear to sell the tablet. The judge didn’t think that the name would cause confusion:

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