Is That A Dongle On Your ASUS Transformer Prime Or Are You Just Happy To GPS Me [Update]

[Update: No need to wait for an email, you can go get your dongle now. Simply follow the instructions laid out here: ASUS]

When we told you ASUS would be providing its Transformer Prime customers with an add-on dongle to improve GPS, we had no idea they’d be turning it into the Hunchback of Transformer Prime. ASUS must be fans of Crocodile Dundee: “That’s not a dongle, that’s a dongle!” Okay, that’s enough analogies for now, you can see for yourself that this thing is quite the add-on. The good news is it improves GPS significantly, but then again, so would a GPS IIF satellite (okay, this time I’m done — for real).

Now onto the bad news: other than size, you now have to choose between GPS or keyboard dock when using your Transformer Prime since both share the same docking port. According to The Land of Droid the dongle fits very snug so once attached there’s no need to worry about it wobbling or falling off.

ASUS has already begun to send out emails letting customers know how to take advantage of these free dongles so be sure to keep a lookout in your inbox (or spam folder):

TF201 GPS Extension Kit Apply&Inquire

Thank you for purchasing the ASUS Eee Transformer Prime TF201, and helping to make it the most popular Android based tablet since its launch in December 2011. We greatly appreciate feedback from our valued customers about our products, and take it very seriously. The response to the TF201 generally has been overwhelmingly positive, but we understand that, in certain regions, the GPS functionality has not met some user’s expectations.

Free Dongle! At ASUS, we are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality products and services, and our customers’ experience is important to us. Although the TF201 is not a professional GPS device, as part of our unwavering commitment to our customers we are offering all customers who purchased a TF201 system a free external GPS extension kit, called a dongle, which may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience. We are pleased to announce this offer as part of our commitment to customer service, but it does not replace, alter or amend any existing warranties you may have.We also encourage you to contact ASUS customer support in your local region directly if you are experiencing GPS related problems.

ASUS prides itself on delivering an unrivalled user experience, and we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that our customers may have encountered.

The offer will expire on 31th of July, 2012 (PST).

And they say size doesn’t matter…

, Droid-Life