Here’s what happens when Galaxy S7 spends 2 hours in ice

Galaxy S7 "ice edition." Photo: XEETECHCARE

Galaxy S7 “ice edition.” Photo: XEETECHCARE

We all know Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 series is water-resistant, but what if that water is frozen? If your shiny new smartphone ends up in a bucket of water and it freezes, will it survive?

Find out in the gruelling torture test video below.

YouTuber XEETECHCARE took a Galaxy S7 edge and placed it in a bowl of water, then threw it in the freezer. Two hours later, the bowl was removed and the smartphone was encased in a block of ice.

Somehow, the Galaxy S7 edge’s display is still lit up when it’s removed from the freezer, and the device appears to be operating as normal once it’s broken out.

Most gadgets aren’t designed to operate in sub-zero temperatures — and we certainly don’t recommend that you try this yourself. But as you can see, the Galaxy S7 continues to work just fine after being frozen (mostly) solid.

That should give you peace of mind if you’re an Antarctic explorer with a love for Android.