Here’s how Samsung made the Galaxy S7 water-resistant

The Galaxy S7 doesn't mind getting wet. Photo: Photo

The Galaxy S7 doesn’t mind getting wet. Photo: Photo

Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge aren’t its first water-resistant smartphones, but they are the first that don’t require fiddly flaps to keep water out. So how exactly does Samsung ensure that nothing gets damaged when its new handsets go for a dip?

All is revealed in the video below.

JerryRigEverything has pulled apart a Galaxy S7 to give us a glimpse at its internals — specifically the parts that prevent water from making its way inside the device. You might think Samsung is using some cutting-edge technology from the future, but it’s not.

Instead, there are simple rubber gaskets preventing liquid from seeping in through the charging connector, SIM card tray, and headphone jack, while a special screen protects the speaker while still allowing sound to pass through.

As noted in the video, Samsung’s new devices aren’t waterproof, and you can only take them in water so deep before the pressure becomes to great for those tiny rubber gaskets. It doesn’t look like Samsung has coated its logic boards with a water-resistant coating, either, so any moisture that does get in is going to render your new handset unusable pretty quickly.

If you’re super sensible, you’ll probably take the Galaxy S7’s water-resistance as extra cover, and not get your smartphone wet intentionally. But you should be good so long as you stick to Samsung’s guidelines.