HTC still working on an Android Wear watch with a round display

HTC hasn't ruled out Android Wear yet. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

HTC hasn’t ruled out Android Wear yet. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Despite being named as an Android Wear partner during the platforms unveiling almost 18 months ago, HTC is yet to release its first Wear watch. But the Taiwanese company is still working on it, according to a new report.

Having gone so long without adopting Android Wear, choosing instead to focus on fitness trackers, many believed HTC had simply decided not to compete in the smartwatch market for now. But it certainly hasn’t ruled Wear out, sources say.

“According to new information available to us, we now know that HTC is working on an upcoming Android Wear smartwatch,” reports Phandroid. “Their wearable is codenamed halfbeak (which just so happens to be a type of fish like other Android Wear watches).”

“Halfbeak” is said to have a round display like the Moto 360 or Samsung’s new Gear S2, with a 360×360 resolution. However, there is no other information on what the device will offer just yet.

Phandroid does add that its sources are “sound,” and have provided accurate information in the past, but we recommend taking this one with a pinch of salt for now.

There is a suggestion that HTC will announce a Wear watch during its September 29 event, but the company has trouble keeping new devices a secret ahead of their launch, so we would expect to have seen Halfbeak by now if it’s unveiling was really that close.