Galaxy Note 5 could come to Europe after all — and soon!

Please, Samsung, bring the Note 5 to Europe. Photo: Samsung

Please, Samsung, bring the Note 5 to Europe. Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy Note 5 has already been a big disappointment for fans in Europe, who have been told they aren’t going to get it — but new information suggests Samsung may have changed its mind.

What appears to be a European version of the new phablet has been approved by the Bluetooth SIG, and a South Korean news outlet promises availability before the end of the month.

“One of our readers has been digging around customs and certification sites as has stumbled upon an SM-N920F version of the flagship phablet,” reports GSMArena, noting that previous Samsung handsets with “F” suffixes have all been built specifically for Europe.

Not only has this device been filed with the Bluetooth SIG, the authority that certifies devices with Bluetooth connectivity, but it has also been spotted on import databases in India, where Samsung frequently sends new devices for testing.

It’s worth noting that Samsung didn’t rule out a EU launch of the Galaxy Note 5 — it simply said that it had no immediate plans to sell the device in European markets — so it’s not too surprising that it is testing a European version of the device for a possible launch later on.

What gets us really excited is that Korean news outlet Korea JoongAng Daily confirms the device, and promises it will go on sale “in Europe and other parts of the world” on August 28.

Perhaps Samsung has changed its mind on delaying the European launch following fan backlash, then — or it was just a marketing stunt all along. But it looks like the Note 5 could be coming to Europe this year after all.

We still recommend you don’t get too excited until Samsung confirms this.