Samsung has no plans to launch Galaxy Note 5 in Europe

Galaxy Note 5 is avoiding Europe... for now. Photo: Samsung

Galaxy Note 5 is avoiding Europe… for now. Photo: Samsung

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 is available to pre-order today for fans living in the U.S., but those in Europe are set to miss out. In fact, Samsung’s currently has no plans to launch the device there at all, and will focus on the Galaxy S6 edge+ instead.

The Note series seems to have been fairly popular in Europe thus far, but according to Samsung, users aren’t too interested in its S Pen — only the larger display. The S6 edge+ has that, so it feels no need to launch both devices in European markets just yet.

“It boils down to a business prioritization more than anything else. We’ve decided to roll out first with the S6 Edge+, just to leverage on the S6 Edge launch,” said David Kang, vice president of online at Samsung Mobile, told The Telegraph.

It doesn’t mean Europe won’t see the Note 5 at all, however.

“That’s not to say that we’re not going to launch the Note 5 shortly thereafter, it’s just that for Europe that’s not the prioritization,” Kang added.

If the S6 edge+ doesn’t sell as well as Samsung had hoped, then, or plenty of fans call for the Note 5’s arrival in Europe, Samsung could well change its mind once it has caught up with initial demand for the device in other markets (assuming there will be plenty of it).

But for now, at least, Europeans should forget about getting the Note 5.