Huawei’s new Nexus looks a lot prettier in latest leak

Huawei's Nexus has been given a face lift. Photos: OnLeaks

Huawei’s Nexus has been given a face lift. Photos: OnLeaks

Huawei’s new Nexus smartphone has leaked out again ahead of its official unveiling this fall, and it looks a whole lot prettier this time.

The handset’s rather boring black plastic design hasĀ been replaced by a high-end aluminum one, which features front-facing speakers and a somewhat strange camera hump.

Just like the Huawei handset that was leaked in early August — which we can only assume was a prototype at this point — this device has a large rear-facing camera sensor, a dual LED flash, and a fingerprint scanner that’s now round like Apple’s Touch ID sensor.

A hump across the top of the handset houses its camera and dual LED flash, while the familiar Nexus branding is emblazoned on its spine. There are also stereo speakers on its front, just like on the Nexus 6, and a USB-C connector on its bottom edge.

A screenshot from the new Nexus, which you’ll find in the gallery below, also confirms its Snapdragon 810 processor.

Huawei’s Nexus is rumored to be one of two Nexus smartphones Google will announce this year, with a smaller option also on the way from LG. Both devices are to be announced together, and should launch this fall alongside Android 6.0 Marshmallow.