LG’s new Nexus leaks out with fingerprint scanner, laser autofocus

Meet LG's brand new Nexus. Photo: Marques Brownlee

Meet LG’s brand new Nexus. Photo: Marques Brownlee

LG’s new Nexus has been leaked for the first time ahead of its official debut in a hands-on photo that confirms a number of new features. The image also gives us a clear look at the handset’s back panel, which is nothing like the last Nexus 5’s.

Some reports suggested that LG’s new Nexus would like almost identical to its last, with most of the changes happening internally — and as big fans of the 2013 Nexus 5 and its design, that was music to our ears. But this leaked image confirms that won’t be the case.

While the new Nexus is expected to retain its 5-inch display — with Huawei tasked with building a larger model — LG’s new handset has a redesigned back panel with centered camera, a dual-LED flash, and what appears to be the same laser autofocus technology found in its flagship G4.

Perhaps the biggest change, however, is the fingerprint scanner that sits beneath that rear-facing camera sensor. Both of Google’s next-generation Nexus devices are expected to have one of these, which is hardly surprising, given Android M will bring native support for fingerprint scanners.

Google is expected to launch both of its new Nexus devices this fall.