Google erects Android Marshmallow statue outside its HQ

Android Marshmallow's brand new statue! Photo: Nicolás Fischman

Android Marshmallow’s brand new statue! Photo: Nicolás Fischman

Android M is still a few months away from making its public debut, but Google today confirmed its sweet-based name with a brand new statue outside its Mountain View headquarters.

Google has erected a statue for every Android update it has released to date, and each one is themed to match the update’s name; last year’s statue was holding a lollipop, 2013’s was filled with jelly beans, 2012’s was made out of a KitKat, and so on.

This year’s statue features the Android bot holding a giant marshmallow, confirming Google’s next software update will indeed be named Android Marshmallow, as many reports have predicted.

Google first previewed Marshmallow at Google I/O back in June. The update brings new power management features, native support for fingerprint scanners, simpler apps permissions, and support for USB-C. The update also brings Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apple Pay.

Marshmallow is expected to be available on Google’s new Nexus devices from Huawei and LG initially.