Temple Run for Android Tops 1 Million Downloads In Three Days

Many Android users became excited, when three days ago, popular iOS game Temple Run made its official debut on Android. The app has seen great success on the iTunes App Store and looks to be seeing similar success on the Play Store. Today, it’s been revealed that Temple Run for Android has been downloaded a whopping 1 million times, in only three days.

To compare, the iOS version of Temple Run has seen 45 million downloads in 7 months. The free game should continue to explode on Android handsets.

The Temple Run team should work on ironing out a few bugs before releasing new features, however. The app has not only been plagued with mass crashing on many Android devices, but also has seen a bug where the “Run Again” button doesn’t reappear after dying. How frustrating.

Part of the issue could be the fact that it’s Imangi’s first Android game. The team ported the original game from iOS to Android which seems to be causing problems. Two of the team members told Pocket Gamer about their experiences:

”We’ve never done an Android game before, so it’s a big experiment for us. We just tried to do a very faithful port of the original, and then we’ll see if anything needs to be different after the launch.”

We’re sure the Imangi team will continue to work on the bugs, but for those who can get it working, how are you enjoying Temple Run on your Android device?

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