HTC’s One M9 promos show off Sense 7, BoomSound, cameras and more

Sense 7's new Music app on the One M9. Photo: HTC

Sense 7’s new Music app on the One M9. Photo: HTC

With its U.S. release seemingly on the horizon, HTC’s new One M9 just got its first crop of promotional videos, which focus on its many improvements with Sense 7, BoomSound, and its new front- and rear-facing camera sensors.

Many have criticized the One M9 since its unveiling at Mobile World Congress for being too similar to last year’s One M8, but HTC has made some significant improvements that should make it a worthy upgrade for One-series fans.

Not only has it delivered better BoomSound speakers, made small but welcome improvements to its design, and evolved its Sense 7 user interface, but it has also addressed one of the One M8’s biggest complaints — its rear-facing camera.

Last year’s 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera was inconsistent at best, but the One M9’s new 20-megapixel shooter should be a whole lot better. That’s one of the messages HTC hopes to deliver in the promotional videos below.

While its clips may be a little cheesy, HTC seems to have struck all the right notes with its first One M9 ads. Whether they’ll be able to convince consumers to choose this handset over rivals like the Galaxy S6, however, remains to be seen.