OnePlus celebrates its first anniversary with an open sale on the One

Happy Birthday, OnePlus! Photo: OnePlus

Happy Birthday, OnePlus! Photo: OnePlus

Today marks the first anniversary of OnePlus, and to celebrate, the company is hosting another open sale on the One. Both Silk White and Sandstone Black models are available to anyone today from the OnePlus online store.

“Anyone who has ever been involved in a startup will have a good idea of what this year has been like for us,” OnePlus says in a post on its forum. “It’s a constant sprint. Your colleagues become family. Every day you put out fires, celebrate small wins and try to remember to soak in all that’s happening around you.”

It’s been a pretty successful year for OnePlus. Despite some bad press for a few questionable competitions, exploding devices, and problems with the One’s touchscreen, it has produced a hugely popular smartphone that sells faster than it can be produced. The company has recently begun holding sales for the One — which was previously available with an invite only — and it has already promised a OnePlus Two for 2015.

If you don’t want to wait for that, and you’re still interested in getting your hands on the One, you can order the device today from the OnePlus online store. As usual, the 16GB Silk White model is priced at $299, and the 64GB Sandstone Black model is priced at $349. OnePlus doesn’t say whether these devices will ship in time for the holidays, but you’ll be given a delivery date after your order is placed.

You can also try winning a One by wishing OnePlus a Happy Birthday on Vine. “Say ‘Happy Birthday’ in your language, send us birthday wishes, or anything else you can think of to share the OnePlus love,” the company says. One person will then be selected at random to win a 64GB handset.