Samsung’s virtual reality headset spotted for the first time


Samsung’s upcoming virtual reality headset has been pictured for the first time ahead of its rumored unveiling next month. Codenamed “Project Moonlight,” the device works in much the same way as Google Cardboard, using your smartphone as its display.

We had anticipated that the headset, which will reportedly be named Gear VR when it goes on sale, would work alongside Samsung Galaxy smartphones to turn mobile games into much more immersive experiences — but most assumed it would have its own display like the Oculus Rift (which actually uses a Galaxy Note 3 screen).

This photo, obtained by The Verge, suggests users will insert their phone into the headset instead and secure it in place with a plastic cover. This particular unit has what looks like a focus dial, a micro USB connector that will plug into your phone, and two lenses.

The downside to using your phone is that you cannot take calls while you’re playing games, and incoming alerts could distract you during intense boss battles. The upside is that it will likely make the headset more affordable than if it had had a built-in display of its own.

It’s unclear at this point, however, whether Samsung’s final production model will look like this — but we should know more on September 3 when Gear VR is expected to get its unveiling alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in Berlin.