Samsung’s SIM-equipped Gear Solo smartwatch expected next month


Samsung has already issued invites for a press event ahead of IFA 2014 next month, where the South Korean company will almost certain unveil the Galaxy Note 4. But we’re expecting a number of other devices, too — one of which could be the first SIM slot-equipped Gear Solo smartwatch, sources claim.

The Gear Solo is expected to be a lot like the existing Gear 2, and will likely be powered by the same Tizen operating system. The big difference between the two, however, will be the Solo’s SIM card slot, which will allow it to be used independently when disconnected from your smartphone.

If you don’t connect existing Gear devices to a Samsung phone, there’s very little you can do with them. They will still tell you the time, but you won’t get the weather, you won’t receive notifications, and the vast majority of your apps won’t work.

The Solo is expected to change that with its own cellular connection that will allow it to connect to the Internet and maybe even to your smartphone when it’s out of Bluetooth range. So if you leave you phone at home during the day, you can still see its notifications on your Solo while at the office.

The Solo’s actual feature set and specifications are still to be confirmed, however; this is all just speculation for now. But according to Korean new outlet Yonhap News, it will be made official alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in Berlin on September 3, where we may also see Samsung’s first virtual reality headset.