Samsung ‘Galaxy Gear Solo’ Will Have Its Own SIM Card For Making Calls [Rumor]


Samsung is said to be planning another new addition to its Galaxy Gear lineup that will have its own SIM card for making calls. It will be called the “Galaxy Gear Solo,” according to sources familiar with Samsung’s plans, and it could be the first smartwatch that isn’t so reliant on a smartphone.

Samsung existing Galaxy Gear devices can already make calls, but they rely on a connected smartphone with a cellular connection. If they aren’t paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth, then the calling functionality is disabled — as are a lot of other features that require a data or cellular connection.

But the Galaxy Gear Solo will change that, according to a new report from The Korea Herald. Equipped with its own SIM card slot, the new wearable will allow you to make calls without a connected smartphone — helping you get out of a pinch when your trusty sidekick goes missing.

It’s unclear whether that SIM may also allow for a data connection, which could allow the watch to fetch the weather, sync your schedule, and access other features all by itself. But based on the information provided by the source, calling will be the only option.

The Galaxy Gear Solo — which may or may not launch under that name — will reportedly be exclusive to South Korea initially, but like most Samsung devices, it’s expected to go global later on.