Here’s The ‘All New HTC One’ In Gold [Leak]


So we’re fairly certain now that the second-generation HTC One will be named the “All New HTC One” — not the One Plus or the One 2 or the M8 — and that it’ll be available in gray, silver, and gold. And thanks to this leaked press photo published by @Evleaks today, we know exactly what the latter will look like.

It’s not vastly different to the original gold HTC One, though it appears that the handset’s back and sides are all one piece now — like older HTC smartphones — rather than separate pieces sandwiched together.

You’ll also notice that the ambient light sensors on the front of the device have been redesigned and repositioned, there’s a dual LED flash for the rear-facing camera, and of course, a second rear-facing camera sensor near the top edge of the device. There’s no Beats Audio logo here, either, and the capacitive buttons have been replaced by virtual ones.

Given that this image comes from the ever-reliable @Evleaks, we can be sure it’s genuine. All we’re waiting for now, then, is for HTC to make it official. That’ll happen on March 25 in New York City.