HTC Promises ‘The Best Is About To Get Better’ At March 25 Event


HTC has today published a “save the date” teaser for a March 25 event which promises “the best is about to get better.” The Taiwanese company is almost certainly referring to its upcoming HTC One successor, which has long been rumored for a late March unveiling.

HTC hasn’t yet confirmed where the event will take place — recent reports have claimed New York City is the chosen locale — but the teaser was distributed via the company’s official HTC U.K. Twitter account. As is often the case with HTC unveilings, however, there could be numerous events scheduled simultaneously all over the world.

If the new HTC One — codenamed the “M8” and expected to carry the One Plus moniker — is the star of the show, you can expect a device not too dissimilar to the original One in terms of physical design. There are expected to be some major changes internally, however, with rumors of a larger display, a faster processor, and two rear-facing cameras.

It’s looking increasingly unlikely we’ll see the One Plus at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, then, but we may see the new Desire 8 instead.