HTC One Plus (M8) Shines For The Camera In New Hands-On Images


With HTC’s rumored “One Plus” (M8) unveiling just weeks away now, the leaks are coming thick and fast. We already have a good idea of what the device will look like, but new hands-on images that have surfaced today provide a nice reminder, and give us a first glimpse at the One Plus’s super shiny side.The One Plus is actually expected to sport a matte aluminum finish just like its predecessor, the HTC One. But in these hands-on images, it appears to have a polished surface that really shines in the light. We also get a good look at the handset’s dual LED flash, and that mysterious sensor above the rear-facing camera.

I dismissed suggestions that this sensor was a second camera initially; I figured it was more likely a fingerprint scanner instead. But in these images, it certainly looks like it is indeed another camera. It’s unclear why the handset will need two — particularly two that are clearly completely different — so we’ll have to wait and see how HTC sells them with the One Plus.

The One Plus — which may also be named the One 2 — is expected to get its unveiling at an event in New York City in late March. Those hoping for news from Mobile World Congress next week, then, are likely to be disappointed.