One Retailer Is Already Selling Official HTC One Plus (M8) Cases


Earlier today, we published leaked pictures of the upcoming HTC M8 — the second-generation HTC One. Until now, we’ve had no idea what the device will actually be named when it gets its unveiling this March, but according to one accessory manufacturer — which is already selling official HTC cases for the device — it’ll be the HTC One Plus.

MobileFun, a popular provider of mobile accessories in the U.K. and throughout Europe, has today listed an entire selection of official HTC One Plus accessories on its website. Prices start at $21.49 for a translucent hard shell, and rise to $57.99 for the “Dot Flip Case.”

There are also some third-party accessories on offer from Trident, which give us a better understanding of the design of the One Plus. They accommodate the deal LED flash and apparent fingerprint sensor — which were revealed in those leaked images this morning — but they suggest the device will be a little bit more rounded than its predecessor.

The HTC M8 is expected to get its unveiling at an event in New York City next month, according to recent reports. But these cases suggest its launch could be a little closer than we’ve been anticipating. We’re hoping HTC will have a surprise for us at Mobile World Congress later this month.

MobileFun is also selling some cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5. They appear to be very similar to Galaxy S4 cases, but they are noticeably wider.