LG Attempts To Overshadow Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Ads In Times Square


LG has attempted to overshadow Samsung’s massive Galaxy S IV billboards in Times Square by erecting a few of its own — directly above them. LG’s are bigger, brighter, and higher up, and they mock Samsung’s use of the number 4 in its “be ready 4 the next Galaxy” slogan.

The billboards are located in New York City’s Times Square, where Samsung will announce the much-anticipated Galaxy S IV later today. LG has actually occupied this spot for 20 years, according to Engadget, while Samsung purchased the spot below last year.

But LG’s latest ads didn’t go up until just yesterday — just in time for the Galaxy S IV’s launch event in a few hours. They advertise the Optimus G with the slogan “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!” Notice the big number 4, just like Samsung’s?

Credit to LG, I say. While it may be a cheap shot, it gives Samsung a taste of its own medicine; the Korean company has been mocking its rivals for years in a number of different ad campaigns, so it’s about time it got a bit back.