Samsung Builds Fake Apple Store To Shoot Anti-iPhone 5 Ad

You look familiar.

Samsung has begun shooting its next commercial, and like previous ads, this one will poke fun at Apple and its users — namely those who will be purchasing the new iPhone 5 this week. Unfazed by its recent court loss, the Korean company has erected a fake Apple store, complete with Macs and iOS devices, just so that it can mock every consumer using a rival device in a 30-second video.

Photos of the set, which is currently being constructed in Los Angeles, have begun making their way around the web, and they show the store in all its glory, with fake banners, and even fake Geniuses.

The images will look familiar to those of you who saw Samsung’s previous anti-Apple commercials, because the company is clearly going with the same approach. It has a fake Apple store that’s stocked up with Macs and iOS devices, familiar signage and banners, and even fake Genius Bar staff, who have Apple-like name tags, but wear green shirts as opposed to blue ones.

The physical products appear to be real. But those that appear on the posters are simply poor mockups that just about resemble Apple devices… if you squint hard enough.

The most notable poster is one that reads “It’s coming,” which is clearly aimed at the iPhone 5 invitations Apple recently sent out with the tagline “It’s almost here.” There’s a possibility, then, that the iPhone 5 will be the device Samsung chooses to poke fun at in this commercial, but we’ll have to wait and see to be sure.