Quick! T-Mobile Has The Nexus 4 In Stock Again


The Nexus 4 is currently one of the hardest smartphones to get hold of. Following its launch last November, it sold out within just a few hours, and it’s been selling just as fast ever since. When new stock arrives in Google Play, it doesn’t stick around for very long. If you’re one of the many who are still waiting to get your hands on one, you’ll be pleased to know that T-Mobile now has the device in stock again. But you may not want to hang around too long.T-Mobile is the only carrier in the U.S. that offers the Nexus 4 on contract, so when its stock is replenished, it quickly disappears again. With that being the case, you’ll want to get a move on if you’re hoping to bag one for yourself. The 16GB device is available with a two-year plan for $199.99.

T-Mobile’s fresh stock comes on the day the carrier is expanding availability of the Nexus 4. The device is now available to purchase form the carrier’s retail stores across the United States, and you can get it with a T-Mobile plan direct from Google Play. That should make the handset a little easier to get hold of going forward.

And for those outside of the U.S. who still can’t get a Nexus 4, don’t despair. LG and Google have promised that they’re working hard to improve the situation and increase Nexus 4 production. Earlier this month, LG France chief Cathy Robin said that “starting mid-February, there will no longer be any tension in the market.”

The reason the Nexus 4 has suffered delays isn’t because LG cannot produce them quick enough; it’s because Google simply didn’t expect the sheer demand it has seen for the device. It didn’t expect the handset to be as successful as it has been, and so it didn’t order anywhere near enough devices.