LG: Nexus 4 Production Is Proceeding As Planned, There Is No Supply Issue


LG has received a lot of criticism for its Nexus 4 production rates in recent months. Since the handset went on sale last November, it’s been incredibly difficult to get hold of for the vast majority of would-be customers. Google Play stock doesn’t appear to be getting replenished as often as it should, and when it does, it’s sold out within just a few hours.

From LG’s point of view, however, Nexus 4 production is proceeding exactly how it was planned. The Korean company denies there is a supply issue, leading many to question how many handsets Google actually ordered.

The Nexus 4 launch has been bittersweet for Google; although the device has gotten off to a great start and become a big hit, the company simply cannot keep up with the initial demand. Some Google Play customers have been forced to wait up to six weeks for their handset to be shipped.

Back in December, Google U.K. director Dan Cobley said that Nexus 4 supplies from LG were “scarce,” and he offered customers an “unreserved apology” for the seemingly short supply of handsets. But according to LG, there is no problem with Nexus 4 supply.

A company official speaking to the Chosun Ilbo said that production is proceeding as planned at its Pyeongtaek plant in South Korea.

So if LG is keeping up with its side of the deal with Nexus 4 production, how many handsets did Google actually order? Nowhere near enough, it would appear. The company clearly did not expect to see this level of demand for its latest smartphone.

It’s unclear whether Nexus 4 demand will encourage Google to increase its orders from LG, but it’s been several months since the handset made its debut, and it doesn’t look like the situation is improving at all.