Run Android Apps On Your Mac With BlueStacks App Player

Twitter for Android running on a Mac.

We first told you about BlueStacks, an incredible application that allows you to run over 450,000 Android applications on your PC, back in March when it was first released as a beta. Several months later and it’s now available to those with a Mac.

BlueStacks is currently an alpha release for Mac OS X, so it’s still a work in progress, and right now only 17 applications are supported. But if you’re an Android user or you’re interested in trying out some Android apps, it’s certainly worth a download — and it won’t cost you a penny.

The 17 apps bundled with this release include popular titles like Twitter, Facebook, Seesmic, WhatsApp, Pulse, Paper Toss, and more. It is certainly evident, however, that BlueStacks is an alpha release. I’ve tried all of the apps I just mentioned on my MacBook Air, and only one or two opened successfully.

Having said that, others are having some success with it. The Verge reports:

Like the Windows Alpha version, there’s a limited amount of apps and basic functionality. However, the apps ran well on our MacBook Air and we didn’t experience any crashes or performance issues.

Hopefully this issue will be ironed out in a future release. BlueStacks also promises that there will be “even more” apps in the next update.