Flipboard For Android Adds Google+ Integration, Drops Beta, And Launches In The Play Store

Flipboard debuted on the Samsung Galaxy S III and was supposed to have an exclusive run until someone grabbed the apk and released it to the masses. Soon after, Flipboard figured they might as well put it out there themselves to see how it performed on various devices. That’s when they launched an open-beta for Android users and everything seemed to go off without a hitch. They’re now confident enough to officially launch the magazine-styled reader onto the Play Store for all to enjoy.

The official launch also includes a few new features such as Google+ integration and the ability to view videos from your Youtube subscriptions while in the app. Flipboard is a well polished app and and an excellent way to view your feeds. Go ahead and flip your way over to the Google Play Store and pick up the new and official Flipboard for Android.