The Samsung Galaxy S III Flipboard Exclusivity Ends Before It Ever Begins

So… about that Flipboard exclusivity on the Samsung Galaxy S III. Looks like an XDA member went ahead and extracted the Flipboard APK from the unreleased Galaxy S III and made it available to all. Silly companies and their backdoor deals, won’t they ever learn. They need to stop wasting their money on these deals and just start giving consumers what they want — because we’ll get it one way or another.

Flipboard for Android was supposed to launch with the Samsung Galaxy S III and be exclusive to that device for an unannounced period of time. However, anyone unhappy about being singled out do to having a device of the wrong race, status, or background, can now let freedom ring by heading over to and crashing Samsung’s aristocratic party.

While most of the feedback has been positive, some people are reporting that they can’t get the Flipboard widget to work. Let us know how that Samsung caviar tastes — I’m sure it was expensive.