Staple iPhone App Flipboard Makes Its Way To Android

Flipboard has made the jump.

First Temple Run, then Instagram, and now Flipboard.

Continuing the trend of high-profile iPhone apps making their way to the Android platform, popular reading app Flipboard has unveiled its exclusive partnership window with Samsung for the just-announced Galaxy S III. This is the first time Flipboard has ventured away from iOS, and its Android app will be available exclusively for the Galaxy S III for an undisclosed amount of time. The app will then be available for all Android handsets in Google’s Play store.

Flipboard’s app will take full advantage of the Galaxy S III’s AMOLED HD 720p display, and it seems to function almost identically to its iOS counterpart. An Android-only feature is the ability to add a widget to any of your homescreens, allowing you to swipe through news stories without actually entering the app. Based on hands-on time with the app, SlashGear says “it’s just as smooth as the iOS version, with no stutter or slowdown whatsoever.”