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Next year, Europeans will most likely be able to travel around their happy Union and enjoy the same call and data charges as they do when they’re at home. But even before roaming is scrapped, the EU is pushing down prices. As of now, travelers in the Eurozone will enjoy more than a third off the prices of calls, data and SMS messages.

XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook - airplane seat

From July 1, British Airways is set to change its electronic devices policy after landing, allowing smartphones, tablets and other gadgets to be used immediately after the plane leaves the runway. Under BA’s existing rules, passengers must wait until the plane has stopped at the terminal building before powering up their devices.


You know about Magnetyze, right? It’s a system that lets you charge an iPhone 4/S or Galaxy S3 without the need for a cord. Pop your iPhone into the provided case, then drop the case on the magnetic charging base and your iPhone will charge (and sync) — it works kind of like the MagSafe power adapter on a MacBook. It’s really cool on the S3, because the Magnetyze case replaces the S3′s original back, so there’s almost zero extra bulk. Neat.

Expedia launched an all new updated mobile app today for both Android and iOS. Bringing new flight info, an updated interface to browse and search across hundreds of hotel properties and airline flights, and special mobile-only deals. The updated app is only available in the US at this time, and brings functionality closer in line with Expedia’s web-based features.

The Patagonia MiniMass commuter bag ($69) is my first taste of Patagonia’s gear, and I’ve always wondered if their stuff was worth the hype. The company has a bit of a reputation — perhaps fair, perhas not — as the outdoor industry’s bourgeois player, probably due to generally higher prices than the competition, an innovative design ethic and the use of green materials throughout their line.

But Patagonia has also spawned a fanatical following. I once worked with someone who literally camped outside the company’s Southern California headquarters (it sits literally right aross the road from the beach) in the hopes she’d be hired. She wasn’t, but toting around my tablet in the the fantastic little MiniMass let me grasp why she tried.

The MiniMass is the smallest sibling in Patagonia’s family of courier bags (all of which end in “Mass” — a nod to the Critical Mass bicycle movement). This makes the MiniMass a perfect tablet carrier. And even though it isn’t explicitly to ferry tablets, it excels in the task.

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