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Motorola has just applied for a trademark on the “Moto Maxx” moniker. Unfortunately, it’s unclear at this stage what the name could to be used for, primarily due to the combination of names from two different ranges of smartphones, but, of course, its certainly got us thinking.


Samsung has applied for a trademark on the name “Gear S” for what could be the recently-rumored Gear Solo, which is presumed to be a standalone, Tizen-powered variant of the Gear 2 with compatibility for a SIM card, SMS and cellular connectivity (4G LTE).

LG G3 Trademark

LG has just trademarked the G3 moniker for the upcoming LG G3 smartphone, thus clearing all doubts regarding the naming of its next-generation flagship. Despite the LG G2 being hardly six months old, then, a successor is already in the making — and could be right around the corner.


Samsung has applied for a trademark on the name “Galaxy GEAR” for its much-anticipated smartwatch. This is the eighth trademark that the electronics giant has filed in the last 7 days at the United States Patents and Trademarks Office, so it’s pretty clear that the South Korean company is planning something big.


Samsung is the latest company to bombard the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with some new trademarks, but we have little information indicating what they actually mean. These character marks include; Mobile Samsung 5G, Samsung Fit, Samsung Micro, Samsung Expo, Samsung Go, Samsung Pro and S MUSICIAN.

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