Samsung trademarks confirm the names of its next Galaxies

Samsung spills the beans. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Samsung spills the beans. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

It’s not too difficult to predict the names of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxies, but new trademarks issued to the South Korean company confirm it isn’t planning a surprise rebranding of its flagships.

The trademark filings, make in South Korea, confirm the “Galaxy S6” and “S6 Edge” names for Samsung’s upcoming devices ahead of their unveilings at Mobile World Congress on March 1.

Recent rumors have claimed the second model might be named the Galaxy S Edge instead, but S6 Edge — seemingly without the Galaxy prefix — certainly makes more sense if Samsung is planning a new iteration every year.

The S6 Edge is expected to be identical to the Galaxy S6 internally — the only difference between the two will be the curved display on the former. Unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, which is curved only on one side, the S6 Edge is expected to curve around on both sides to offer two secondary displays.

This could become confusing, but the Galaxy Note Edge has been well received since making its debut at IFA last fall, and we expect consumers to show the same embrace for the S6 Edge. Samsung understands, however, that curved displays aren’t for everyone, which is why the flat Galaxy S6 is coming, too.