Samsung’s Galaxy S6 could be even curvier than the Note Edge

The Galaxy S6 could have curves like this one both sides. Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy S6 could have curves like this one both sides. Photo: Samsung

With the Galaxy Note Edge’s curved display being well received by both consumers and critics, you can expect Samsung to use the same technology in future handsets. In fact, according to some sources familiar with its plans, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will have a display that curves on both sides — as well as an all-aluminum chassis.

According to some information we received from reliable sources, the Galaxy S6 could actually be equipped with a curved display on both sides and have a shell made ​​entirely of aluminum,” reports Italian blog HDBlog.itThe sources also say that this will be the only option customers have to pick from; there won’t be a second variant with a traditional flat display.

Samsung has implemented the curved display pretty well on the Note Edge, making the curved area act almost like a second display. It displays shortcuts, specially-designed widgets, and handy buttons inside certain apps — such as the Camera app. While having two curves may certainly look good, it also seems like it could be confusing for the user if they’re used in a similar way.

And as for that all-aluminum chassis? We would love to see Samsung finally ditch its tacky plastic back panels once and for all. It’s been introducing metal to its more recent devices, but they still don’t look or feel as premium as handsets like the iPhone 6, the HTC One M8, or even the Sony Xperia Z3. The downside would likely mean a non-removable battery, however.

Of course, this is all speculation for now; we won’t know what Samsung really has up its sleeve until the Galaxy S6 gets its official unveiling. A recent report claimed that could happen at CES in January, but we don’t expect to see anything until Mobile World Congress in February, which is where Samsung traditionally announces new Galaxy S handsets.