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Microsoft Office is coming to Android tablets, and it'll be free to use. Screenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft Office is coming to Android tablets, and it’ll be free to use. Screenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft Office is coming to Android tablets, and you can be part of a select group of users who will get the opportunity to test it ahead of its Play Store debut. Microsoft is now accepting registrations from those who would like access to its beta, which brings the mobile versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to bigger screens.

In addition, the software giant has announced that all Office mobile apps are now free to use.


It looks like Google is all set to bring multi-user support to Android handsets with the next public release of the OS — Android L.

The company did not announce this feature officially when it had formally announced the OS at Google I/O back in June.


Its no secret that Dell has been struggling off late with most of its products failing to leave any remarkable impressions. The company’s PC sales are declining and its Android devices have failed to garner the interest of consumers. Today, in a bid to make its budget Android tablets more tempting, the company has unveiled hardware refreshed variants of Venue 7 and Venue 8 tablets.


If I could only install ten apps on my Android device, Pushbullet would almost certainly be one of them. Not only does it mirror my notifications on my Mac and PC while I’m at my desk, but it also makes it super easy to share files and photos between the two.

And thanks to its latest update, Pushbullet now mirrors notifications across all of your Android devices — so you can get your SMS, WhatsApp, and Snapchat alerts on your tablet as well as your phone.


Instagramming your skinny cinnamon latte and taking selfies of yourself with your skinny cinnamon latte is always going to take its toll on your phone’s battery. But that’s going to be less of a concern for those who live and work in New York, where AT&T’s new solar charging stations allow anyone to top up their juice while they sit down and relax with their skinny cinnamon latte.

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