Amazon CEO teases top of the line Kindle coming next week

Hopefull the new Kindle is not like the Fire Phone. Photo: Amazon

Hopefull the new Kindle is not like the Fire Phone. Photo: Amazon

Looking for a new tablet but don’t need all the whiz-bang features that come with Apple’s pricey new iPad Pro?

Amazon may have just what you need when it reveals the 8th-generation Kindle next week. Amazon CEO teased the new tablet on Twitter today, giving readers a heads up on something wonderful coming their way.

It’s unclear if the new Amazon tablet will feature an e-paper display like the company’s popular Paperwhite lineup, or if the ‘top of the line’ bit in Bezo’s tweet refers to a new Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD tablets with larger displays to truly take on the iPad.

Amazon has struggled to make in-roads against the iPad but has dominated the the e-reader market thanks to the Kindle’s great battery life, portability, and high resolution e-paper displays that look like printed paper. The company is currently holding a big sale for Amazon Prime subscribers, offering $150 off on the high-end Kindle Voyage that includes AdaptiveLight and PaperPress sensors.

The last Kindle was updated in 2014, so the lineup is overdue for a refresh. When the new device will launch though is still unknown, though Amazon usually has a tendency to announce Kindles before they’re ready to ship.