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The LG G Watch has been on sale for less than two months, but according to a new report from Korea, an LG executive has confirmed the company is already working on its second Android Wear device. Expected to launch this fall at IFA, the G Watch 2 is being labeled a “serious game changer,” and it’s being designed with Apple’s iWatch in mind.


Unlike Nvidia’s Tegra chips, Qualcomm has always managed to provide an optimum balance between performance and battery life with its Snapdragon chips.

In its latest advertisement, the company is showing off the low-power capabilities of its chips by playing back music for more than 60 hours on the OnePlus One. 


New images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Alpha indicate it will be even thinner than Apple’s iPhone 5s. The handset’s rear-facing camera protrudes out of its back somewhat — just like the Galaxy S5’s — but overall, the device could well be the slimmest Samsung smartphone to date.


Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S appears to have a pretty serious overheating issue. It doesn’t just get warm and uncomfortable to hold; it gets so hot that its cheap back panel actually starts to warp. A number of owners are reporting the problem online, but according to Samsung, it’s only “negligible” and shouldn’t prevent them from using the device.


Right in the centre of the smartphone revolution is Qualcomm, whose processors and modems are found inside every major smartphone nowadays. The company has played a major role in making LTE a common feature in today’s smartphones and has constantly pushed the bar forward in mobile performance and battery life.

Qualcomm usually releases two major SoCs in a year, around which most OEMs plan their device launches. This year, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 801 at MWC, a seemingly minor upgrade over its predecessor — the Snapdragon 800. The successor of 801 though, dubbed Snapdragon 805, is slated to be released later this year and promises to push the bar in terms of performance in mobile devices even higher.

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