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Need military-grade protection for your new Galaxy S5? That’s exactly what you get with the CandyShell Grip from Speck.

CandyShell Grip by Speck
Category: Cases
Works With: Galaxy S5
Price: $34.95

Its dual-layer design combines a hard, impact-resistant exterior with a shock-absorbent lining that doesn’t just protect your beloved smartphone from scuffs and scratches, but from those occasional screen-shattering falls as well. It also has textured ridges on its back that provide even the sweatiest of palms with plenty of grip.

The CandyShell Grip is available in a range of pretty colors — including “Shocking Pink” and Caribbean green — priced at $34.95, and it’s worth every penny.


I don’t know about you, but I think I might be tired of seeing the “All New HTC One” when it gets its official unveiling later this month. The new device has again been leaked in a “quick review” video uploaded to YouTube, which showcases some of the handset’s design changes and its KitKat software.

Alongside the two-minute clip, the handset has appeared in yet another high-quality image gallery.


HTC might as well cancel its March 25 event in New York City, because the leakers are doing a great job of unveiling the “All New HTC One” ahead of time.

We’ve already seen pictures of the device countless times, we have a good idea how much it’ll cost, and we get a great feel for its new features and improvements in a new 12-minute video review of the device that was published over the weekend.


CPU-Z made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store back in 2013 and has been recognized as the most reliable, fluid, user-friendly, streamlined, diverse and feature-packed third-party system analysis tool ever since. So, consequently, we here at Cult of Android have decided to bring this application its very own review as part of our weekly ‘App Of The Week’ segment.


Adobe Photoshop Express made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store back in 2013, and has been recognized as the most elegant, futuristic, fluid, user-friendly, streamlined and feature-packed third-party photo editing tool ever since. So, consequently, we’ve decided to bring the application its very own review here on Cult of Android.

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