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Nintendo is finally ready to swallow its pride and begin developing games and other content for mobile devices, according to a new report from Japan. It’s still unlikely we’ll ever see full Super Mario or Zelda titles, but sources say will will get free mini-games, trailers, and more to promote new Nintendo releases on its own consoles.


Sony’s new PlayStation companion app is now available on Android and iOS ahead of the PlayStation 4′s worldwide launch this month. The app allows you to access the PlayStation Network on the go to view your notifications, invitations, game alerts, and (finally!) messages; as well as your friends list, trophies, and profile.


At the Tokyo Games Show today, Sony unveiled its new PlayStation App for Android and iOS, which lets gamers access the PlayStation Network from their smartphone and tablet to interact with friends, see what others are playing, and remotely download games to your console.

The app will also turn your Android or iOS device into a second screen for selected PlayStation 4 titles.

It's really about time.

It’s really about time.

With Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s Smart Glass initiatives, it’s not surprising that Sony would find their own second screen solution, this one via a PlayStation app, planned for both iOS and Android devices. The PlayStation App will allow gamers playing Sony’s newly announced PlayStation 4 gaming console to look at in-game maps, buy games from the PlayStation Store while on the go, or watch other gamers play on their own PS4s.

I think it’s great that Sony has chosen to certify third-party Android handsets for PlayStation Mobile; the Japanese company could quite easily have made the gaming service exclusive to its own Xperia devices. And this morning it has welcomed another three HTC handsets to the PlayStation Mobile family, doubling the total number of HTC devices that are supported by the service.

At today’s Gamescon in Germany, Sony announced its plans to bring more games and more devices to Playstation Mobile (aka Playstation Suite). Only two new manufacturers were mentioned, but when they uttered the name “ASUS,” the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Could it be? Could the amazing, wallet friendly, powerhouse Nexus 7 gain the title “Playstation Certified”?

Last month, Sony announced they would be opening the Playstation Suite SDK Beta sometime in April and guess what, it’s April and that sometime is today. Developers will now be able to grab the open beta and start working on games and apps for Playstation certified devices such as the Xperia Play, Xperia Arc, Xperia S, and not to mention Sony’s newest handheld the PS Vita.