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Snapseed is fresh, innovative and fun. That’s why it’s this week’s ‘App Of The Week’.

Snapseed made its debut appearance on the Google Play Store on Thursday, December 6, 2012 and has been recognised as the most popular, elegant, fluid, futuristic, user-friendly and feature-packed third-party photo editing tool ever since. So, as a result, we’ve decided to bring the app its very own review today, here on Cult of Android.

Galaxy S5

A new leak has shed light on what could be another unique selling point of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Sources claim that the device will boast a dedicated, touch-sensitive camera shutter key called the “Side Touch” button that will be invisible to the eye.


We already know the Galaxy S5 is likely to sport a 16-megapixel camera, thanks to a sample photo that was published on Flickr earlier today. But Samsung looks set to make other changes to improve its photography capabilities, too.

The South Korean company has today teased a new LED flash module on its blog that “will be used in the next Galaxy smartphone.”


Google has confirmed that its latest Android camera API contains support for RAW images and burst mode, and that these features will be available to third-party developers in the future.

The company has also acknowledged the complaints about Nexus 5 camera performance, and it promises improvements are coming soon.


VSCO Cam, a popular camera app for smartphones, just entered private beta on its way to Android. It’s long been considered one of the best third-party photography apps on iOS, combining a long list of awesome features with some terrific editing tools — so it’s sure to be a hit among Android photographers.

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