iPhone 6s Plus outsnaps Sony Xperia Z5 in camera tests

The iPhone 6s' 12MP camera is a great performer. Photo: SuperSaf TV

The iPhone 6s’ 12MP camera is a great performer. Photo: SuperSaf TV

Sony’s new Xperia Z5 has the best smartphone camera available, according to the experts at DxOMark — but that could be about to change.

In a number of real-world tests, the Xperia Z5’s 23-megapixel shooter is outperformed by the 12-megapixel camera inside the iPhone 6s Plus.

Sony’s latest flagship certainly has its advantages. Not only does it switch focus faster while shooting video, but it also takes better selfies in good light, with more accurate colors. The 6s Plus does have a selfie advantage in low light, however.

Activate the iPhone’s new front-facing flash feature, and the difference is even greater. While low-light selfies from the Xperia Z5 appear dark and noisy, those taken with the 6s Plus are brighter and significantly sharper.

It’s a similar story with images taken with the rear-facing cameras, with the 6s Plus shooting brighter, more vivid photos — but the Xperia Z5’s wide-angle lens does allow you to get more into your shot. Its extra megapixels also provide greater detail when zooming in.

In low-light shots with the rear-facing camera, the Xperia Z5 provides more accurate colors, but its images contain a lot more noise. The darker the room, the blurrier the Xperia Z5’s images become, while those taken with the 6s Plus remain sharper.

Both devices have their ups and downs, then, but this camera test proves one thing: No matter which one you buy, you’re going to get incredible images and videos. Neither handset is a poor performer overall, so these aren’t bad smartphone choices if photography is your thing.

It will be interesting to see whether the Xperia Z5 remains at the top of DxOMark’s mobile rankings once they’ve gotten their hands on the 6s Plus.