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NEC became the world’s first and only smartphone manufacturer to launch a liquid-cooled handset back in May, but it may quickly lose that claim later this year. According to some sources, a number of high-profile smartphones makers, including Apple, Samsung, and HTC, will be launching their own liquid-cooled devices in the fourth quarter.


NEC has some pretty crazy ideas when it comes to smartphone design — as we discovered when we checked out the dual-screen Medias W at Mobile World Congress back in February. And its latest offering is just as outlandish.

Meet the Medias X 06E — the world’s first smartphone with a water-cooled CPU.

NEC-Terrain-ATTThe BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry’s first smartphone to combine a physical keyboard with its new operating system, has gone on sale in the U.K. this week, and according to the early reviews, it’s going to be a winner — for those who like phones with physical keyboards, at least.

But it appears the NEC Terrain for AT&T wants to spoil its party by giving keyboard users an Android-powered option.

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Quick: What’s better than one screen? Two screens, of course. Or so says NEC with its funky new Android 4.1-powered Medias Tab.


Aside from slightly different form factors, today’s smartphones all look pretty similar; they have large displays that take up the majority of the space, and just a few physical buttons. But NEC is hoping to throw something different into the mix. The Japanese company has today unveiled the Medias W N-05E, a folding smartphone that has two 4.3-inch displays.

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