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Gamers, get excited.

Gamers, get excited.

NVIDIA has issued invitations for a March 3 event where it will show off a revolutionary new gaming device that has been “more than 5 years in the making.” The device promises to redefine the future of gaming, but will it feature the company’s exciting new Tegra X1 chipset?


We’ve all experienced the frustration of searching around for an electrical outlet to charge a dying device, only to realize that your short charging cable can’t reach far enough. It’s annoying, and it sucks. But with this handy 6-foot long, MFi-Certified charging cable, this scenario becomes a thing of the past.

Compatible with both Android, iOS, and other platforms — with both Lightning and micro USB connections — this cable has you covered no matter where you are or what you need to charge. And for a limited time only, you can get 50% off its regular price tag through Cult of Android Deals.

3 months of Spotify premium for under $3. Music doesn't get much cheaper than that. Photo: Spotify

3 months of Spotify premium for under $3. Music doesn’t get much cheaper than that. Photo: Spotify

Thinking about finally signing up for Spotify Premium? There couldn’t be a better time to do it. For a limited time only, Spotify is offering new customers three months of access for just $0.99 a month — that’s $9 off its normal price.


Google is rolling out a new YouTube update that will finally allow Android users to pick playback quality. It’s a feature iOS users have been enjoying since the official YouTube app arrived in the App Store — but until now, those on Android could only choose between standard- and high-definition streams.


Starbucks has confirmed that it will be revamping its mobile app to add digital tipping and a new user interface later this month. The update will also bring a new “shake to pay” feature that will provide quick and easy access to your Starbucks Card barcode.

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