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Microsoft today confirmed that it will not be making any more smartphones that run Android, despite recently announcing the Nokia X2 and fresh speculation surrounding an Android-powered Lumia. Future Nokia X handsets will run the software giant’s own Windows Phone operating system instead.


Here’s a new Android app you weren’t expecting: Climatology from Microsoft, a unique weather service that provides climate information for anywhere on Earth. It won’t provide you with a forecast for the week ahead, but it will help you plan a dry vacation or avoid rain when choosing your wedding date.


While it’s great to see Nokia producing Android handsets — especially after its acquisition by Microsoft —  its existing Nokia X family consists only of affordable devices with entry-level specifications. That could change soon, however, with the launch of an Android-powered Nokia Lumia smartphone.


For the past two years Microsoft has been developing a fully-functioning copy of its desktop Office suite for Android tablets and guess what… It’s almost ready! The computing giant announced earlier today that the application has just entered its beta testing phase and is inviting users to register for the opportunity to test a pre-release version — so if you’re game, you can apply to get your hands on a copy of the software right now.


Nokia today announced its first Android-powered smartphone since it was acquired by Microsoft. It’s called the Nokia X2 and it’s a slightly improved version of the Nokia X that was announced at Mobile World Congress back in February. In addition to dual SIM card slots, it has a faster processor, more RAM, and a better camera.

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