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The latest Google Maps release for Android introduces some nifty new voice actions that make it even easier to get travel information while you’re behind the wheel. It also improves bicycle directions, makes the Your Places feature easier to find, and makes the Uber card available under both the car and public transport tabs.


Google has started rolling out a major new update for Google Maps (v8.2) that includes some new goodies, which should make cyclists and even general Maps users very happy. 


Google Maps now gives users the ability to measure the distance between two or more locations simply my placing markers down on a map. The feature, available only in Maps on the web for now, lets users choose a starting point and then creates a path to each additional “measuring point.”


Google is planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Virgin Galactic to gain access to satellite launch technology and an equity stake in the company, Sky News reports.

The deal, which is believed to be in its final stages, is thought to be part of Google’s plan to put hundreds of satellites in space that will provide Internet access to billions of people.


Having sold its handset business to Microsoft, Nokia has plenty of time on its hands to devote to other projects (probably). The Finnish firm has already announced that it will invest $100 million in car connectivity, and according to a new job listing on LinkedIn, it also has plans to bring back Here Maps for Android and iOS.

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