Google Maps update brings better traffic alerts and alternate routes

Dodge the jams with Google Maps. Photo: Google

Dodge the jams with Google Maps. Photo: Google

Google has rolled out a nifty new Maps update for mobile that brings better traffic alerts that will be issued while you drive, and the ability to find alternate routes. The update comes just in time for Memorial Day, which is one of the busiest driving days of the year.

“Now when you input your destination, you’ll get an explanation of upcoming traffic conditions that helps you identify the quickest route,” Google says. Once you’ve begun your journey, Maps will alert you if there’s congestion on the route ahead, and tell you how long you’ll be stuck.

If you decide you don’t want to be stuck in a jam, you can use the new alternate route option to get around it. It won’t just redirect you, but it will also provide you with an explanation for why each route is recommended — such as it’s faster or avoids an incident.

The new Maps update will be available over the coming days, so keep an eye on the App Store and Google Play.