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Chromebooks are only going to get more popular. Photo: Acer

Chromebooks are only going to get more popular. Photo: Acer

Lenovo wants to shake up the affordable notebook market by launching the cheapest Chromebook we’ve seen to date, according to sources in its supply chain. The Chinese company is said to be targeting a price tag under $170, and it will turn to budget processors in order to keep costs low.

An image taken from LG's webOS SmartWatch page.

An image taken from LG’s webOS SmartWatch page.

LG may have been one of Android Wear’s first supporters with its G Watch and upcoming G Watch R, but that doesn’t mean it has no plans to compete against it. The South Korean firm’s website confirms that it is developing a second smartwatch line powered by the webOS platform it acquired from HP back in 2013.


HP is probably the last company you’d expect to make a genuinely good-looking smartwatch, but it appears to have done that with a little help from Gilt and fashion designed Michael Bastian. The company’s upcoming wearable, which it teased for the first time today, will deliver a custom operating system that’s compatible with both Android and iOS.


Its no secret that HP has been struggling off-late. The company has consistently failed to come up with any outstanding products in the last few years and even its primary PC business is not doing particularly well.

Today, in an effort to capture a still nascent market, the company has unveiled a new 14-inch SlateBook running Android. 


If you spend under $100 on a tablet, chances are it’s not going to be very good. It’ll do the basics and allow you to run apps like Facebook and Twitter, but playing the latest games would be out of the question. HP is hoping to change that with the 7 Plus.

For just $99, this 7-inch slate packs a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of expandable storage. HP promises “it’s got responsiveness that delivers entertainment where you want it.”

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