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Anyone dismissing the Sony MDR-X10 headphones as simply yet another bombastic, over-the-top, celebrity-designed fashion statement for teenage bass junkies would be wrong. Easily forgiven, but wrong.

While most of those descriptive terms ring true — the big, lurid cans apparently received design input from none other than big, lurid entertainment personality Simon Cowell, and they’re definitely aimed toward the bass-obsessed — the X10s differ significantly from their brethren, and actually stand out prominently against an ocean of boom.

In other words, if you’re looking for bass-heavy headphones, this is your first stop; but even if you’re not, the X10s are so good they might win you over anyway.

MDR-X10 by Sony
Category: Headphones
Price: $200


Closely following the release of the iPhone 5 version, BuQu Tech has released their wireless charing solution for the Samsung Galaxy S4.



You can’t get Altec Lansing’s new The Jacket iMW455 Bluetooth speaker/speakerphone from anyone other than Verizon, which explains the red and black skins the Jacket comes with.

Don’t like red or black? No problem — because, like a moulting lobster, The Jacket’s special trick is its ability to swap skins. The speaker comes with the two free skins, with more colors available for a price — though we’re not yet sure which colors or how much.



Runners, cyclists and other outdoor fitness enthusiasts are probably familiar with ANT+, a data-streaming technology that allows sensors like heart-rate monitors and bike speed or cadence sensors to communicate with something capable of displaying the data, like a watch — or a phone.

Problem is, only a very few handsets, like the Sony Xperia Ion, come standard with ANT+ technology built in. That’s where the Selfloops adapter comes in handy, allowing all those fitness sensors to talk to your phone — and it doubles as a massive 2000 mAh battery as well.

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Imagine if there was an Android smartphone that let you easily upgrade internal components, replace broken parts, and personalize the overall appearance of the handset without buying a brand new handset altogether.

The Sony XTRUD, imagined and designed by Francois Rybarczyk, would allow you to do just that. Straight out of the box you would be able to tinker with your smartphone to your heart’s content, upgrading several internal components in an effort to create your ‘ultimate smartphone.’

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