Getting a camera failed error on your Galaxy S5? Time to contact Samsung or Verizon


Are you among the unlucky few whose brand new Galaxy S5 camera is giving a “Warning: Camera failed” error every time you try to launch it? Well, here is some more bad news for you. The issue is not related to software but the hardware and the only way to fix it is to take the phone to your nearest Samsung or carrier maintained shops and get a replacement phone instead. 

The 16MP ISO-CELL camera on the Galaxy S5 is among the most remarkable features of the handset and is a major upgrade compared to its predecessors. So, an unexpected “camera failed” error is definitely going to leave most of them bummed about it.

Samsung has confirmed to The Verge that a limited number of Galaxy S5 units are affected by this issue. The Samsung spokesperson said that “We have learned that a limited number of Galaxy S5 devices may have an issue that causes ‘Camera Failure’ pop-up error message.”Apparently, the issue is mainly affecting the Verizon variants of the S5 with other carrier variants and the International version being free from it.

Before you head over to your nearest Verizon of Samsung shop, make sure to call 1-888-987-4357 to arrange for an exchange unit though.