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Earlier this week, Google introduced the ability to take pictures and video through Google Now via a simple voice command. Today, the company has enabled another new voice command for Now users that will automatically start the “I’m feeling lucky” radio station in Play Music. 


Google Search received a pretty nifty update in the Play Store yesterday, which brings some great new additions to Google Now, including the ability for users to take a photograph or record a video without even having to touch their smartphone or tablet. All they have to do is start the Search by saying ‘OK Google Now’ from their home screen on any KitKat device running the latest Google Now interface, then say ‘open the camera’.


Earlier this week, Google rolled out an update for its Google Search app that brought a new detailed layout for Google Now cards and the ability to toggle the “Ok Google” hotword detection.

Turns out, the update includes a lot of other goodies as well as revealed by the official change-log posted by Google today.

Google Now

The Google Search app on Android has just received an update with some new features in tow. Users can now get improved information on sports teams including cricket and better support for cards relating to stocks. Other changes include better image search which now includes a ‘View in Browser’ option in addition to ‘Share’ and ‘Visit Page’.


Google finally brought its Google Now Launcher to the Play Store this week, breaking its exclusivity on the Nexus 5 and allowing anyone with a Nexus or Google Play Edition device to get their hands on it. But what if you have another Android-powered smartphone?

Well, you can download and install the launcher yourself.

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