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The above shows that, an unannounced Samsung smartphone has recently passed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Information included in the brief filing documentation reveals that we could perhaps be looking at the brand new ‘Galaxy Mega 2’ (SM-T2558) — a revamped model of the South Korean company’s largest smartphone of 2013.


The upcoming Galaxy Tab S is set to become Samsung’s first tablet with a fingerprint scanner, according to a set of leaked Samsung graphics — and that won’t be the only feature borrowed from the Galaxy S5. The device will also offer the new Ultra Power Saving Mode, as well as the Magazine UX baked into Samsung’s latest TouchWiz launcher.


LG knows we can’t wait to see the G3 — that’s why it has been teasing it and its features so much in recent weeks. The handset will get its grand unveiling at the end of this month, but you don’t have to wait any longer to see what it looks like.

A new video posted to LG’s YouTube channel today gives us our first official glimpse at the much-anticipated flagship.


Google Chrome for Android now allows you to restore tabs after they’ve been closed and stream videos from the web to your Chromecast, thanks to a new update that’s rolling out via Google Play this week. The release also adds support for fullscreen videos with subtitles and HTML5 controls, and the “multi-window” feature on some Android devices.


For a high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S5 feels a little… cheap. I absolutely love mine; it’s one of the best Android phones I’ve ever owned thanks to its super speedy processor, stunning display, and excellent 16-megapixel camera. But I choose to carry the HTC One M8 instead. It’s just as capable in almost every way, and its sleek aluminum form factor is a joy to hold.

Like many of its predecessors and siblings, the Galaxy S5 has received criticism for its plastic design, and now the man who oversaw it is moving on. Chang Dong-hoon, head of Samsung’s mobile design center, will be replaced by vice president of mobile design Lee Min-Hyuk.

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