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Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Its fragile glass display is usually the first thing that breaks when you drop your smartphone, and getting it repaired can prove pretty costly. But some manufacturers will give you your first screen replacement absolutely free — such as HTC. Google is going one step further and offering Nexus 5 owners a replacement handset when they break their screen — but only if the device meets its strict criteria.


The original Moto X. Photo: Motorola

In just a couple of days from now, Motorola will be unveiling the successor to the Moto X, which was widely regarded by many as one of the best phones to launch last year.

Even though the original Moto X did not sport beastly specs or a great camera, it provided quite a lot of unique features which greatly enhanced its usability.


For a “flagship killer”, the OnePlus One has been delayed numerous times. In a bid to communicate better with their potential customers and to bust some of the rumors floating around on the Internet behind these unnecessary delays, one of the spokespersons from OnePlus has spoken in-depth about the company’s production capacity over on their forums.


Samsung is already working to redefine high-definition tablets and put a 4K display in your rucksack. The South Korean company has this week been showing off a new tablet prototype with a super sharp 12-inch screen that’s enough to make a 1080p movie look like a VHS.


Last night, LG unveiled its flagship handset for 2014 — the LG G3. When it finally hits the shelves later next month, the G3 is bound to battle it out against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the Xperia Z2 for the best smartphone of the year crown.

Compared to its competition, the G3 does have some unique and innovative features up it sleeves that makes it the number one contender for the best smartphone of this year including a sexy design, the relative lack of bezel around its display and wireless charging.

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